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Michael Soy and his hobby of “collecting” smiles with beautiful gestures with VBA floor cleaners

(Country) – Although Michael Soy has not been seen yet, surely the VBA audience will have a deep impression of the Viet Kieu player after learning about his special hobby.

Michael Soy is a name that is not too strange to orange ball fans in Vietnam. Having worn the Hochiminh City Wings VBA 2019 and Saigon Heat at ABL 10, the Vietnamese-Canadian Vietnamese thrower and the cold 3 throws are bold in the hearts of the NHM.

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Michael Soy has a relatively long time with Vietnamese basketball fans in the two colors of Hochiminh City Wings and Saigon Heat.

However, the period of competition above did not have good results, along with persistent injuries that partly affected the performance and performance of the thrower born in 1997. It was only when the family got married. Joining coach Phan Thanh Canh’s army at this year’s VBA, the Canadian-born player has the opportunity to show off his talents.

Cold on the field, Michael Soy with a cool style of dress is also one of his highlights with the VBA fans. But behind that “cool” appearance, Soy is a guy with a warm heart. Besides “shoe supermarket”, shiny clothes and accessories, he also has a hobby of “collecting” smiles from others.

Michael Soy and Hobby

Michael Soy is a player with impressive style inside and out

During a practice session of “Dragon of the Han River” at VBA-NTU Arena, the Viet Kieu player suddenly appeared in front of a small boy standing behind the billboards. In Michael Soy’s hand at that time was a pair of shoes with a smile with the words: “For you”.

On the shoe, the Dragons star did not forget to leave an autograph and a couple of messages: “Enjoy every moment”. Then he returned to the practice session, leaving the floor cleaning boy bewildered. He still did not believe that in his hand was a meaningful gift from his idol. It is known that Michael Soy asked the lucky boy on the pen to write down the message.

Internal information from the tournament said that this is the floor cleaning staff who regularly supports Danang Dragons during training sessions. The above information partly leads us to believe that Soy remembered his face and signed the shoes as a thank you gift.

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Harden Vol 2 shoes autographed by Michael Soy to a floor cleaner at VBA

After the training session, we had the opportunity to listen to the sharing of the Dragons player and his hobby of “collecting” smiles: “Normally I wear two pairs of shoes on the field. Today, I put on one of them. My favorite shoes are Harden Vol 2. During boot I saw a detail about to fall off.

It’s not because it’s broken that I give it to someone else. James Harden is my idol and these shoes have a color scheme that matches the city edittion shirt of Danang Dragons so it means a lot. I can easily take it in for repair and continue using it, but I want to bring a smile to everyone, whether it’s the fans or the staff who go out of their way to support the tournament.”

Michael Soy and Hobby

Although he has not played yet, the player with half Canadian blood has become special to the rest of the tournament thanks to his good gesture.

As for the lucky floor cleaner, his name is Do Le Gia Huy, from Saigon. The guy born in 2000 has been a collaborator of the tournament for many years and started following Michael Soy when he wore Saigon Heat at ABL 10. Being a die-hard fan of Saigon Heat, Gia Huy was impressed by the way he played. playing as well as Michael Soy’s spirit in this year’s Danang Dragons shirt.

Coincidentally, the guy born in 2000 wears the same shoe size as the idol, which makes the gift especially valuable to him. “Receiving shoes from Michael Soy makes me feel like a person in love. At night, I also hug my shoes, always leave them at the bedside and don’t dare to put them on the ground”, those are cute shares from Gia Huy.

Michael Soy and Hobby

Gia Huy smiled brightly after receiving a meaningful gift from her idol

It has become common for players to sign autographs for fans. However, this is probably the first time a VBA player has made such a nice gesture to a tournament collaborator. In the context of the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, the entire BTC is making great efforts in all activities from small to large to make the VBA 2021 season a success.

And Michael Soy is probably the rare player to give thanks for that silent effort. With a small but meaningful action, the star of Danang Dragons certainly not only received Gia Huy’s smile back, but also added many other smiles to his “collection”.

Photo: Huy Pham, Saigon Heat.


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