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Looking from the failure of his colleagues in Southeast Asia, Coach Park Hang-seo is lucky to have special “arms”.

(Country) – To prepare for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers as well as the Asian U23 qualifiers, Coach Park Hang-seo has made many big changes in the coaching staff. Having “extended arms” is a great advantage of the Korean strategist compared to his colleagues in the region.

Failure of Thailand and Indonesia

Coach Akira Nishino is expected a lot before coming to Thailand to work. However, the day he left, all that the Golden Temple media talked about was money. Huge salary, up to more than 30 million baht per year (21 billion dong) for a strategist who attended the World Cup, along with compensation for contract termination. Without the title, the unacceptable defeats against rivals in the same area made the Thai Football Federation officials unable to continue to “speak up” for coach Akira Nishino.

There are many reasons for the failure of coach Akira Nishino pointed out by the media, one of which is that he did not have satisfactory assistants. It is no coincidence that coach Nishino’s last scandal with the Thai Football Federation involved one of his assistants. The Japanese strategist asserted that he was still in contact with an aide during his return to Japan, while FAT said they did not know any information. The controversy ended when coach Akira Nishino and the other assistant were terminated.

Seeing from the failure of his colleagues in Southeast Asia, Coach Park Hang-seo is lucky because there are

Coach Akira Nishino has never had a reliable assistant in Thailand

In Thailand’s matches, people often see the image of Akira Nishino alone standing on the sidelines. He doesn’t seem to have a “right hand” who really understands and trusts him.

Another foreign coach working in Southeast Asia is also struggling because of his assistants, Mr. Shin Tae-yong of the Indonesian national team.

Within eight months, four assistants of coach Shin Tae-yong resigned from the Indonesian national team. Assistant Gong Oh-kyun was the first to leave last December. Now, it’s the turn of others like Kim Hae-woon, Kim Woo-jae and Lee Jae-hong to also resign.

During his tenure, Mr. Kim Hae-woon was the goalkeeping coach, Mr. Kim Woo-jae was the technical coach and Mr. Lee Jae-hong was the fitness coach for the Indonesian national team. PSSI general secretary, Mr. Yunus Nusi also wondered about this: “No one said anything about the reason why they quit, perhaps coach Shin Tae-yong knows best. We will ask him again about this. this”.

Seeing from the failure of his colleagues in Southeast Asia, Coach Park Hang-seo is lucky because there are

Coach Shin Tae-yong has many difficulties in Indonesia

The instability on the training bench led to the poor performance of the Indonesian team. Brought back to bring a new wind to help the team of thousands of islands “revive”, but until now, coach Shin has not left much of an impression. In the series of matches in the second qualifying round of the World Cup in the UAE, Indonesia only added 1 point, finishing at the bottom of Group G.

The increasingly “modern” set of Coach Park Hang-seo

A king always needs generals who can understand and trust completely. It can be said that Coach Park Hang-seo is luckier than his two colleagues mentioned above, he has a team of assistants ready to “fire” with all their might. In particular, the closest person is assistant Lee Young-jin, a friend and colleague who has been with Coach Park Hang-seo since the first days he arrived in Vietnam.

“Lee Young-jin is my brain. All I had to do was choose one of the many options he offered. Without Lee, I would not have been successful in Vietnamese football. He is someone who understands me very well,” said Mr. Park about his assistant. Coach Park always believes in Mr. Lee Young-jin and vice versa. Coach Park has a hot temper, and Mr. Lee is always calm. On the field, when he needed to turn the game around, Coach Park always knew that behind him was someone holding a notebook with the answers he was looking for.

Seeing from the failure of his colleagues in Southeast Asia, Coach Park Hang-seo is lucky because there are

Assistant Lee Young-jin is always present at the back, effectively supporting Coach Park Hang-seo

Not only Lee Young-jin, Coach Park also has many other close assistants such as Mr. Le Huy Khoa – language assistant, Park Sung-kyun – physical assistant, doctors Choi Ju-yong, Tran Huy Tho, Tran Anh Tuan, Tuan Nguyen Giap, assistant Luu Danh Minh, logistics officer Dinh Kim Tuan. All have long worked with Coach Park in Vietnam Tel.

Recently, Mr. Park also “upgraded” the assistant team with the addition of Mr. Park Choong-kyun, analyst Kim Tae-min, assistant Vu Hong Viet from U22 Vietnam, bringing the total number of BHL members recruited. Vietnam up to 14 people.

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Assistants and doctors are always a very important part of the Vietnamese team (Photo: VFF, Pham Huyen)

In fact, the fact that the BHL has 14-20 people is not a strange thing in modern football. However, to be able to build a good team, Coach Park also took a lot of time.

Having “extended arms” in the dressing room is a great advantage of coach Park Hang-seo. Mr. Park’s success with the national team or U22 Vietnam in the past two years has a strong imprint of the assistant team. Although they stand behind the scenes, their contributions and sacrifices are always appreciated.

The current list of assistants of Coach Park Hang-seo in Vietnam Tel:

Professional assistants: Lee Young-jin, Park Choong-kyun, Vu Hong Viet, Luu Danh Minh

Language Assistant: Le Huy Khoa

Fitness assistant: Park Sung-gyun

Goalkeeping coach: Nguyen The Anh

Analyst: Kim Tae-min

Team of doctors and logistics: Choi Ju-young, Tran Huy Tho, Tran Anh Tuan, Tuan Nguyen Giap, Dinh Kim Tuan


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