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“I was sacked by Juventus, I learned many things”

Last summer, Andrea Pirlo was appointed as Juventus head coach, replacing Maurizio Sarri. Prior to that, the 42-year-old had no top coaching experience.

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Pirlo was sacked by Juventus after the 2020-21 season

Pirlo took charge of Juventus’ U23 team only 10 days before being promoted to head coach of the first team. Bianconeri legend’s time at this club lasted only 1 season with a total of 52 games.

Pirlo helped Juventus win 2 titles in the Coppa Italia and the Italian Super Cup. However, the giants of Turin only finished 4th in Serie A with difficulty and stopped in the 1/8 Champions League round against Porto.

At the end of May, Pirlo was sacked by Juventus, making way for Max Allegri. The coach born in 1979 thinks that his football philosophy has not changed despite what has happened in the past because it can still be effective at the highest level.

Pirlo told The Athletic: “I’m not going to change my philosophy because of some bad results. I still have a football attitude: build from the back, try to keep the ball, get possession back as quickly as possible.”

“It depends a lot on the players you have on hand and what they can do. The player is much more important than the coach. It is the coaches who have to adapt to the situation.”

The 42-year-old coach still maintains his opinion in coaching

The former Italy international continued: “I have learned a lot. Juventus gave me my first experience as a coach. But it’s very stressful because we go into the season with just one friendly.”

“It all happened very quickly. The team plays at a density of 3 days/match, without fans, unable to fully recover, unable to train and prepare for the next match. It’s hard to try something new. The recovery is more important.”

Currently, Pirlo still does not have a new stop. Over the past few months, the 42-year-old coach has taken time to calm down and absorb more. “I’m following a lot of different coaches,” he added. You can learn from anyone.”

“I am watching matches and doing training sessions online. Once it gets easier, I’ll go see some people in person. I ran into Mauricio Pochettino while on vacation in Ibiza and he invited me to Paris to watch PSG. If possible, I would like to go to Manchester to see Pep Guardiola.”

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