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French teams are advised to change tactics because of Messi

Wednesday 18/08/2021 08:11(GMT+7)

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In a recent share, former Lyon goalkeeper Mathieu Gorgelin shared his experience in limiting the danger of superstar Lionel Messi.

As someone who had the opportunity to face Lionel Messi when his team played against Barca in the Champions League, former Lyon goalkeeper Mathieu Gorgelin had the experience to deal with the Argentine superstar.

Mathieu Gorgelin urges French clubs to change tactics to deal with Messi

He said on So Foot on August 17: “We were forced to change the way we played against Messi. Not only the goalkeepers, but also the rest of the players. Stopping Messi is a very difficult task. .

In the next matches against PSG, the defense of Ligue 1 teams should also have a plan to deal with Messi. Everything will be more difficult. He has the ability to break defenses better than Mbappe or Neymar. Messi is a key player at Barca, and I think he will play the same role at PSG.”

Gorgelin once faced Messi when he was with Lyon as a guest of Barca in the 1/8 Champions League round of the 2018-2019 season. In that match, Gorgelin was on the bench but when Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes was injured, he was given a chance from the 21st minute.

However, before the overwhelming strength of Barca, Gorgelin, despite trying very hard, still had to go into the net to pick up the ball 3 times in the 1-5 defeat of the French representative.

Sharing more about this match, Gorgelin said he still clearly remembers the times he saved Messi’s shots. “It’s a special moment in his career even though it’s been a long time. Messi dribbles at high speed and can still finish neatly. You never know when he’s going to finish. And the defense doesn’t. can rest at any moment when Messi is on the field.”

Messi is currently still in the process of integrating at the new PSG team. With the possession of Barca’s striker, PSG will certainly not be as “comfortable” as in the last season. According to Sky Sports, the Argentine striker is likely to start the match from the 4th round of Ligue 1, when PSG is a guest of Reims on August 29.

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