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Former teammates share about “extraordinary” Jack Grealish at the age of 16

This summer, Jack Grealish made English football history when he moved from Aston Villa to Man City for a fee of 100 million pounds. In the history of the transfer of the foggy country, there has never been a more expensive deal than that.

Grealish is worth 100 million pounds
Grealish to Man City for 100 million pounds

Two years ago, Grealish was still playing with Aston Villa in the First Division. But now, he has become the most expensive player in England and a national player. Grealish first appeared at Aston Villa at the age of 16.

Looking back, Alan Hutton has not forgotten the impression his former teammates made at the Birmingham team. The 36-year-old former defender told Coffee Friend: “He’s a great player.”

“When Grealish turned 16, he possessed extraordinary talent, which is unheard of for me at such an age. Grealish has had ups and downs in his career where his form has been unstable for a few seasons.

“But everyone at Aston Villa knows what Grealish is capable of and it takes faith to show himself. What Grealish shows in games is exactly what he does in training.”

“We all know it and I’m not surprised that Grealish is as successful as it is today. He has reached the pinnacle.”

Grealish and Hutton
Grealish and Hutton while at Aston Villa

Grealish had a reputation as a party guy in the early years of his career. But as time went on, the 25-year-old midfielder became more mature and Hutton never doubted the professionalism of his juniors.

The former Scotland international added: “Grealish is a confident lad, but his character has changed. As a teenager, we saw him in the news with bad news.”

“But since wearing the Aston Villa captaincy, we have seen Grealish have a big change. He was the first to arrive at the training ground and the last to leave. At 7pm, Grealish was still training on the pitch and we had to tell him to leave.”

“Grealish has now completely changed its mindset and has taken it to another level. He has carried Aston Villa for a long time and is now reaping the benefits of that.”

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