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Cristiano Ronaldo’s anger and Juventus’ sadness

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Reacting strongly after witnessing false rumors about the transfer situation did not help Cristiano Ronaldo anything.

Ronaldo feels insulted

Recently, the Portuguese superstar posted a status line on social networks, with the intention of criticizing the media for disrespecting him. In the past few days, he has been told by the press to “travel” around Europe, to clubs of different leagues. From PSG, Man City, to the old team Real Madrid as a backup plan for Kylian Mbappe.

More importantly, the information that Real wants to buy CR7 as plan B for Mbappe was released by journalist Edu Aguirre of El Chiringuito TV. Edu is a close friend of Ronaldo, used to travel with this player. He hinted that “there is a coach who wants Ronaldo’s signature this summer”, and revealed it is… Carlo Ancelotti.

The fury of Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo reacts strongly on social networks

Immediately, the Real Madrid captain confirmed that he was not interested in Ronaldo and said that the team wanted to look to the future. Being publicized by his close friends and former teachers online, the superstar born in 1985 could not keep quiet and led to a post on his personal page. Ronaldo insists that he will always be loved by Real Madrid, but the past is over and he does not allow anyone to take advantage of his name.

But no matter how much this move by CR7 causes a strong reaction, as well as how much interaction it receives, the fact that it… does not solve the problem. The most important thing is the commitment to the future, whether at Juventus or any other team, he did not say.

Not to mention the past few days, the world football media has focused on the transfer of Lionel Messi. After Messi “warmed up”, they turned to Ronaldo – the remaining great superstar in the football village, which is very normal.

In addition, the fact that Angel Di Maria – who used to play alongside Ronaldo and Messi, affirmed his compatriot on another level, mocked CR7: “Perhaps he is trying to kill himself because he refused to join PSG” – further escalates the story. But as mentioned, Ronaldo’s reaction does not bring any information value to Juventus, the host team that he is trying to prove his commitment to, but only makes the future more questionable.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo is angry because of the lack of respect, but in return he does not commit his future to Juventus?

CR7 .’s position

In fact, CR7’s recent actions show that he … does not love Juventus very much, and does not receive absolute priority from the coaching staff. In the last 2 friendlies against Barca and Atalanta, this player was withdrawn by coach Max Allegri. In the match against Atalanta, Ronaldo was substituted in the 63rd minute and acted angry, did not shake the coach’s hand, did not move to the bench to watch the end of the match, but went straight into the tunnel.

This confusing action just shows the “disrespect” of the host club, which he wants to prove that he is just a victim in the last post.

The fury of Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo sulks over being substituted in friendly against Atalanta

During the press conference to launch Juventus club, coach Allegri warned CR7. This strategist does not guarantee a starting kick for Ronaldo, wants to take away the right to take a free kick because of its low efficiency, and prioritizes the young man over Paulo Dybala and asks CR7 to show the role of a leader in the team.

Allegri said: “There are times in the season where there are three games in a week and I have to rotate the squad, not excluding anyone. Ronaldo has a bigger role now than three years ago because we already have a very experienced team. Now, in addition to showing personal qualities, I also expect Ronaldo’s responsibility.”

Responding to very clear demands from the head coach, was Ronaldo’s act of going straight into the tunnel in a friendly match because he was substituted – something that will happen many times this coming season. Back then, he wasn’t talking about respect.

In the past, he also wore a shirt with Man United, the Portuguese superstar once kept silent before rumors of a transfer to Real Madrid, even agreeing with the idea that he was “just a slave at MU”. At Real, he continued to keep quiet when there were rumors of leaving, with the main goal of earning a contract with a better salary. Back then, he wasn’t talking about respect.

The fury of Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo is entering the final year of his contract and is no longer a priority

With the status of a top star, the owner of 5 Golden Balls, Ronaldo naturally receives respect from the football world, even beyond the framework of this sport. After many years of fighting at the top, besides the advice of super agent Jorge Mendes, the recent transfer rumors are very normal, not to mention he is entering the final year of his contract.

What football fans in the world, especially Juve fans are looking forward to, is CR7’s contribution to the host team. That is, is he willing to step back and let the team move forward, helping Juventus’ chances of winning the title better, or still maintain a selfish football and need someone else to serve?

Remember, the two times Juve reached the final of C1 this decade have emphasized collective strength. The success of Italy (with the foundation of the central defender duo Juve) at EURO 2020 also proves it. But with Ronaldo, the Bianconeri could not advance to the semi-finals. In Serie A, they also do not need his presence to win the championship.

That’s what Cristiano Ronaldo needs to prove, not angry reactions on social networks.

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