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Brest vs PSG: Overwhelming strength

Brest and PSG will enter the third round match of Ligue 1 2021/22 at 2:00 pm on August 21, and evaluate this match based on the following statistics.

The earliest match of the third round of the French national championship Ligue 1 will be the match between Brest and PSG. Last season, Brest was considered lucky to be relegated to zero when finishing in 17th place right above the group holding the red light with a distance of only 1 point.

Meanwhile, PSG have won all the first two rounds but are currently only third in the rankings because they are behind the two leading teams in goal difference.

Football commentary, Brest vs PSG, Ligue 1
Icardi will play alongside Mbappe. Photo: Getty

Head-to-head information (PSG wins 5)

May 24, 2021 Brest 0-2 PSG (Ligue 1)

7/3/2021 Brest 0-3 PSG (French Cup)

10/1/2021 PSG 3-0 Brest (Ligue 1)

9/11/2019 Brest 1-2 PSG (Ligue 1)

9/1/2014 Brest 2-5 PSG (French Cup)

*Calculate the last 5 official matches

Brest form (win 1, draw 2, lose 2)

August 15, 2021 Brest 1-1 Rennes (Ligue 1)

7/8/2021 Lyon 1-1 Brest (Ligue 1)

August 1, 2021 Brest 1-2 Mallorca (friendly)

July 29, 2021 Plabenec 2-4 Brest (friendly)

24/7/2021 Brest 1-3 Nantes (friendly)

PSG performance (win 3, draw 1, lose 1)

15/8/2021 PSG 4-2 Strasbourg (Ligue 1)

8/8/2021 Troyes 1-2 PSG (Ligue 1)

2/8/2021 Lille 1-0 PSG (French Super Cup)

July 28, 2021 Sevilla 2-2 PSG (friendly)

July 25, 2021 PSG 1-0 Orleans (friendly)

The finishing power of Brest vs PSG:

Brest’s top scorer in Ligue 1 this season: Le Douaron (1 goal). Brest’s top assist: Honorat (1 time).

PSG’s top scorer in Ligue 1 this season: Icardi (2 goals). Top assist player: Mbappe (2 times).

Notable statistics Brest vs PSG:

  • PSG won the last 9 matches against Brest in all competitions.
  • PSG won the last 8/9 away matches in Ligue 1.
  • PSG scored at least 2 goals in the last 7 matches against Brest in all competitions.
  • PSG scored at least 2 goals in the last 8/9 matches in Ligue 1.
  • Brest did not win the last 6 home matches in Ligue 1.

Information about Brest vs PSG forces:

Brest: Cibois, Belkebla, Hérelle, Lasne injury.

PSG: Gueye, Letellier, Dagba, Ramos, Bernat are injured.

Expected lineup of Brest vs PSG:

Brest: Bizot, Pierre-Gabriel, Chardonnet, Brassier, Uronen, Belkbela, Mbock, Honorat, Faivre, Cardona, Mounie.

PSG: Navas; Hakimi, Kehrer, Kimpembe, Diallo; Wijnaldum, Pereira, Herrera; Draxler, Mbappe, Icardi.

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